Service Legal Agreement

Acceptable Usage Policy

All of the services extended by A1DesignTeam. Corp must be used for legitimate reasons only. Storage, wrong information presentation, data transmission or violation of material of any US State, Federal or City law is strictly prohibited and condemned, including but not limited to copyright material, substance judged to be obscene or threatening and material that is protected by trade secret.

You, the subscriber/customer, agrees to assure and hold A1DesignTeam. Corp and our employees harmless from any statements or consequences that may result from the service use that damages you or other parties.

A1DesignTeam. Corp acceptable usage policy is strictly and actively enforced. Both offending content and users are rigorously suspended from A1DesignTeam. Corp. network immediately when it is discovered. Under such circumstances, we do inform the offender about the reason for the action taken by us.

Pornography on all A1DesignTeam. Corp servers is strictly prohibited. This includes websites that include overt & hardcore porn and sexual images and also advertising.

You, the subscriber, recognize that sometimes the service may be interrupted. There can be many reasons behind the interruption issue other than the negligence of the service company and that the damages that may result from the interruption caused are hard to determine. You agree that A1DesignTeam. Corp is not legally responsible for any indemnity that arises from such events that are beyond the company’s exclusive or direct control.

Under the acceptable usage policy, you further recognize that the company's liability for its own laxity may not in any circumstance surpass an amount comparable to charges payable by you for the services during the period damages that take place. In no circumstance shall the company be accountable for any consequential damage or incidental damage, be it small injury or loss.

You agree that misconduct of any kind including but not restricted to the unauthorized distribution or infringement of copyright software or any other data, fraud or trafficking in unlawful material, harassment and undesirable content/material is not permissible on A1DesignTeam. Corp network.

We don’t host and allow adult content of any type or description including content related to cracking, hacking, Warez or IRC. Audios, video downloads and software is only hosted by us if you hold resource copyrights.

Accounts that are suspended because of AUP or content violation will not be refunded to you under any condition or circumstance.

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